WB+TDP Expands Offerings to Include Digital Production for NFT Artists

WB+TDP, A Veteran in Broadcast Commercial Production, is First Agency to Provide Digital Production to Fine Artist’s NFT Works

New York, April 1, 2021 – WB+TDP, a full-service, award-winning, multimedia agency today announced the company has formally expanded its offerings and will now assist artists with production of digital fine art NFTs.

Over the last year, WB+TDP has been assisting fine artists with editing, VFX, 3D modeling, and post-production, to help translate their artistic vision to digital mediums for use in the NFT marketplace. WB+TDP will now formally add NFT digital production to the company’s offerings. As an added benefit to the artist, WB+TDP also produces promotional materials including banner ads, social media assets and teaser videos that help generate excitement and momentum in advance of an NFT release. 

“WB+TDP regularly works with fine artists around the globe and have found many do not have the expertise to convert and promote their work in a digital marketplace. Our award-winning team helps artists with this transition, moving their work into digital medium for release as NFTs, and we are thrilled to be the first agency formally providing this type of service. Adding NFT digital creative to our offerings allows WB+TDP to truly provide every level of the creative production process,” said WB+TDP Principal and Founder, Andrew Kessler.

“Our goal is to be the tool belt that inspires confidence for fine artists as they venture into new and exciting territory. The ownership benefit for the artists is undeniable, and we share in the excitement for this new medium. It’s a rare person that excels in multiple digital mediums as well as fine art. We want to bridge that transition and elevate the craft to meet the artists vision for their work.” WB+TDP President & Creative Director, Ryan Scully

In addition to NFT production services, WB+TDP, with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent brands, will continue to provide full creative production – from the storyboard stage through post-production, including VFX, Sound Studios, Motion Capture, 2D and 3D animation, to full up high-definition film and video shoots for animatics, cinematics, gaming or testing. WB+TDP has a team of award-winning in-house creative executives based in New York and over 150 artists around the globe, the largest and most diverse artist roster in the industry.