WB+TDP – Award-Winning, Multimedia Creative Production Agency to Celebrate 40 Years

New York – March 21, 2022 – WB+TDP, a full-service, award-winning, multimedia agency will celebrate 40 years in business on April 25th.

With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent brands, WB+TDP provides full creative production – from the storyboard stage through post-production, including VFX, Sound Studios, Motion Capture, 2D and 3D to full up high-definition film and video shoots for animatics, cinematics, gaming or testing.  WB+TDP has a team of award-winning in-house creative executives based in New York and over 200 artists around the globe, the largest and most diverse artist roster in the industry. 

Commenting on the milestone, Andrew Kessler, WB+TDP President and CEO said, “What started as a small agency in 1982, focused on artist management, has grown into an award-winning, full creative production agency. Today, WB+TDP has one of the highest rates of client retention in the industry and this is a direct result of the dedication and skill of our executives and creatives. I am incredibly proud of the company we have built together.”

WB+TDP, which was rebranded in 2021, is comprised of Warshaw Blumenthal, the top artist management and representation agency, and Turbo Dog Productions, a full-service production company.  Warshaw Blumenthal was established in 1982, with Kessler, a former employee, purchasing the company in 2004 from its founder, Andrea Wernick. Kessler then launched Turbo Dog Productions as a companion company to provide clients with production needs.  Under Kessler’s leadership and vision, the companies have earned a reputation for service and accessibility, creative output and for assisting clients with their business bottom line.

Over the last several years, WB+TDP has expanded to add new offerings for clients. In 2020, WB+TDP added NFT digital production, assisting fine artists with editing, 3D modeling, post-production and promotional content, the first agency formally providing this type of service. In 2021, the company expanded to include a dedicated VR and AR division to create gaming and metaverse content.

WB+TDP also recently remodeled the state-of-the-art New York production facility, as it continues to expand the company’s roster of artists, animators, editors, and audio engineers. A leader in the industry, WB+TDP is available 24/7, and dedicated to providing the best service, talent, and creative work.

A client event to celebrate the milestone will be held in the fall.



WB+TDP is a full-service multimedia company, providing every level of the creative production process – from storyboards through post-production with clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independent brands. With over 200 artists around the globe, WB+TDP has the largest and most diverse roster, managed by a team of award-winning in-house creative executives based in New York City.  A leader in the industry for 40 years, WB+TDP is available 24/7, and intensely focused on providing clients with the best service, talent and creative output.