Production elements are interdependent and best experienced when sourced from a single home base. The combination of Warshaw Blumenthal and sister company Turbo Dog Productions brings all the elements together for a truly boutique experience. One production team working with you from start to finish means less time organizing various vendors, tightened budgets, and efficient timing.

Storyboards and Comps
Storyboarding serves as a critical blueprint for the production process. Pitch work, win business, and keep your branded project goals in focus. Storyboards and comps are the most efficient and cost-effective way to convey your creative vision.

Video Editing
Whether it’s drama or comedy, storytelling and timing is the most critical part of any commercial. Our experienced editors will elevate your spots and strive to ensure your message is clearly communicated.

Featuring a large range of artist styles, our animation and motion graphics abilities provide a polished and professional look to all of your projects.

3D Animation and Modeling
We create stunning visualizations for broadcast, animatics, web, and print. Bring characters and virtual actors to life with our in-house motion capture system. Create technical renderings for your product. There are no limits to the applications of 3D animation in your production.

Our production facility offers a wide range of audio services. Full mixing capabilities, isolated recording booth, 5.1 surround sound, and ISDN line all within a comfortable space.

Visual Effects
Post-production work adds exciting elements to your productions. Compositing, rotoscoping, tracking, match-moving, matte painting, and color grading are all available in-house.

We offer in-studio photography and retouching. Perfect for product and pack shots, table-top, and green screen shooting. Our space is open and easily customized to your shooting needs.

Green Screen
Our green screen cyc is excellent for your chroma keying needs. Capable of full-body shoots, it’s ideal for photography and video.