Warshaw Blumenthal is New York’s largest Storyboard agency. For over 40 years it has been servicing the advertising industry by providing high-end illustration for Storyboards, Comps, and Animatics. It actively pursues and coaches artists from the Fine Arts, Editorial Illustration, and Academic community, to create a unique and relevant roster of artists.  With over 100 illustrators, and a variety of styles, there is always something fresh and exciting.

In 2014, Warshaw Blumenthal and Turbo Dog Productions relocated to form a full service multimedia company, providing clients with Pre-Visualization, Editorial, Visual Effects, Audio, and 3D/Motion Capture animation. The Turbo Dog Productions Facility is a true boutique powerhouse set in a beautiful penthouse loft. Its newly renovated facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art Motion Capture system featuring hands and face recognition as well as a Virtual Camera System.

3D/Motion Capture animation, 3D Motion Capture Animatics, Cinematics,
2D Animatics, Photomatics, Videoboards
3D modeling, 3D environment pre-visualization
Green Screen
Photography & Cinemagraphs
Storyboard, Comp, and Animatic Art
Editorial, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects
Audio & Casting, record/edit/effects & design/mix (5.1, ISDN)


Andy Kessler, CEO/Owner
Ryan Scully, VP of Creative
Danielle Wells, Art Producer
Emily Zimick, Art Producer
Ariel Gallegos Hopper, Art Producer
Jeff Harden, Executive Producer

Warshaw Blumenthal Inc & Turbo Dog Productions
158 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10012

Office hours: 24/7


Andy Kessler: 917.650.8093
Ryan Scully: 646.239.6749
Emily Zimick: 818.9127.875
Danielle Bonner: 914.275.6805
Jeff Harden: 917.499.9579

Ariel Gallegos Hopper: 484.719.4777

Palko Szantho: 440.448.6753

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