Emmy Award Winner! Program Promo –
Sports: Judge Superhero spot

Turbo Dog is very proud to have been apart of YES Network’s Emmy Award winning spot. This Network promo was based around the idea of celebrating Aaron Judge’s incredible rookie year. We were approached in the early stages of the project and partnered with our sister company, Warshaw Blumenthal, to create original artwork for this promo as well as doing the production, editing and sound design. Roger created stellar illustrations of Aaron Judge evoking a comic book super hero image.

You can see more of Roger’s work here: Roger’s Portfolio. Check out the project below.

Congratulations Seth Weintraub and John Zeigler!


Seth Weintraub, shown above accepting the Emmy (Writer/Producer, YES Network)
John Zeigler (Vice President Creative & Marketing, YES Network)

Original Artwork

Final Spot