First Ever Augmented Reality Fine Art NFT

Artist Michael Kagan’s NiftyGateway Drop Includes First Ever Augmented Reality Fine Art NFT

WB+TDP Provides 3D Post-Production and Promotional Trailer

New York, April 9, 2021 – Brooklyn-based fine artist Michael Kagan was one of the first artists to offer his work in the NFT auction space. Celebrated for his figurative and abstract oil paintings inspired by space travel and futuristic technology, in 2020 Kagan teamed up with Nifty Gateway for the company’s launch and created five exclusive non-fungible tokens for auction, all which immediately sold out. On April 8, Kagan’s work returned to Nifty Gateway with the first ever fine art augmented reality NFT. 

With MICHAEL KAGAN X ANIMA, Kagan partnered with Anima, augmented reality pioneers, to create a one-of-kind experience. CERNAN AR (chrome) is an AR object depicting astronaut Gene Cernan, digitally linked to a physical painting by Kagan, and now the most significant AR NFT to go auction.

Viewable and interactive on smartphones during the 24 hour auction, the AR art object has already appeared in living rooms, on mountaintops and at beaches across the globe. Prospective bidders can experience the object at Anima’s website before participating in the auction on Nifty Gateway.

Said Kagan, “This collaboration evolved organically through my work and the professional relationships I have cultivated over time, and I’m looking forward to working in AR as a new medium that compliments  and works well alongside of my paintings”

Anima added, “We’ve been truly inspired by Michael’s iconic work portraying the limits of human potential. It is fitting that his depiction of the last man on the moon is now the first explorer of a new world: the camera metaverse.”

On April 8, Kagan also dropped Cernan, a 3D rendering of Kagan’s astronaut sculpture, consisting of four different editions with unique colorways rotated to music by Power Glove. Kagan and Anima worked with WB+TDP, an award-winning, multimedia production company specializing in CGI animation and VFX, on the post-production of the 3D renderings and production of a promotional trailer for the MICHAEL KAGAN X ANIMA AR NFT.

“We’ve been big fans of Michael’s work for a long time. At the direction of Michael and Anima, our team assisted with 3D CGI and VFX work, as well as editing and color. The quality of talent coming together for this is impressive,” said WB+TDP President & Creative Director, Ryan Scully.

Known for his dramatic paintings of man pushing the limits of nature through technology, Kagan explores the physical and emotional journey that accompanies explorers from mountaineers to astronauts.  Kagan received his BA from The George Washington University and MFA from New York Academy of Art, where he also completed a postgraduate fellowship. Special projects include a commission from The Smithsonian, apparel collaborations with Pharrell Williams and album cover artwork for The White Lies album “Big TV,” which won an Art Vinyl award. Kagan’s work is collections across the globe. This month, Kagan’s solo exhibitions will open at Over the Influence in Hong Kong and Almine Rech in Brussels.